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ERP Solutions

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Pregio Systems look at your business needs in its professional and competitive realm. Pregio helps our clients aim at achieving maximum ROI, at a cost effective rate and within a reasonable timeframe using our software solutions. Our ERP solutions implemented to date have resulted in client referrals and positive feedback.

Who says ERP implementations are overpriced? Pregio ERP proves to be an exception.

ERP Software Development Solutions :
Pregio experience includes complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) software development, which is an operative resolution for large and small businesses in their living, and non- living resource planning and conjecturing.

Our ERP Software services helps you maintain:
1. Efficiency and competence of each business subdivision
2. Business at the highest level of turnover
3. Customized erp solution structure,
4. Development proficiency
5. Automation
6. Entire order tracking and management process
7. Revenue and transactions
8. All data in one place- centralization
9. Top-down view on the entire enterprise
10. Proper decisions
11. Reduce your services delivery time

Web-based ERP solution
Service over Architecture or SOA helps our web-based ERP solution become more interoperable. Which means that all corporate remote users like business executives, company heads and other representatives can easily access Pregio’s customized ERP solution using any browser? This makes it much more convenient software than delving through a laptop configured for Terminal Services.

Someone might have already recommended Pregio to you or else you wouldn't be here reading in such depth cross checking and selecting the right Vendor. The word "Web Hosted Solution" is quickly transmittable, because of its own paybacks. A web-hosted ERP key certifies a lower expenditure and analytical spread of budget over time. You as our customer can easily write off or avoid costs like software like Office 2010, hardware i.e. few more Laptops, and licensing costs) that can be better invested in your business process.

Rapid and timely enactment of the ERP software solution can be done on your current configuration set up. This implies there is absolutely no need to upgrade your network for Windows/Exchange Server and SQL Server database.

Web-based ERP eliminates your annoyance of the maintenance of the server & other hardware. Web-based ERP are also very intuitive that our ERP features will be all according to your daily terms (service packs and fixes).

On demand delivery and optimized performance & support is possible more in a SOA ERP solution. Most of the web hosted ERP solutions or the selected MIS applications are like mass-produced software. The web-based ERP application is accessible from anywhere and anytime using simple browsers like Chrome, Internet explorer, Firefox. Even hand-held devices like palmtops, smartphones like iPhones, Windows, Android made the ERP solution more Instantaneous.

Corporate with limited resources, this waste reduction methodology thanks to ERP helps you be more productive and act as your significant budget saver. With lean consultation and other effective process controller Six Sigma, your organization can avoid gaps that have been there in communication, reduce excessive production, over stock, wasted gestures, redundant processes and sluggish stretch. Mostly used in business process operations, Lean and Six Sigma (improvement in tools and resource operations), now implemented within Pregio ERP solutions; have helped our clients deliver products more quickly to their customers, be flexible and, eventually, flourish in global marketplace.