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Custom Software Development
Pregio business process automation custom solutions show proven competences; in reducing the cost and complexities of managing your company resources. Our custom software solutions improve your business agility and bring your company to a long term success. Contact to start your software development project with Pregio

The open source software models permits Enterprises to access the software platform code and customize their own portal rather than paying for more costly versions and licensing. Considerable software programming skills are needed to meet the software expenses, which can help organizations like Pregio promise cost effective systems to our clients. Business analysts, developers, and support team at Pregio help you implement a brand new, cost effective and non-time consuming system. Team Pregio understands your business, cost structures, the company, the shareholders, and the customer and that's how we're going to deliver a quality product/service at your best possible price. Don't forget to contact us as we are right here to answer all your queries.

Typically, an system is integrated with an on-line database system. Pregio Systems specialists are also capable of building three-tier (Enterprise Resource Planning- ERP) software. It means running two systems simultaneously one larger system at the company level, and one slighter yet significant system at the division or subsidiary level. Clients holding individual business units deploy systems that will be customized to suit their overall desires. Pregio also specializes in Open Source solutions; these are technical packages whose ASCII text file is formed publically by the developers and enthusiasts.

As complex and customizable as solutions are, our competitive products don't share many advanced features - that's where Pregio's customized industry-specific resource planning functionality often comes into play. What helps Pregio survive competition is that our solutions support lean oriented methods, capabilities and on-demand delivery.